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EdgeQ Emerges from Stealth with $51M in Funding
Gravitating the Cloud to the Edge with 5G and AI

About EdgeQ.

Vinay Ravuri
CEO | Founder EdgeQ


  • …in a hyper-connected world where compute gravitates to the data in a seamless manner
  • …in simplifying complex wireless networks into small, flexible, and nimble forms that everyone can deploy
  • …in enabling new 5G-inspired values, and infrastructure that is software-friendly for enterprises and telco


  • …an open 5G+AI platform where customers drive their own differentiations
  • …a scalable platform that can scale from resource-constrained end devices to high-performance base stations
  • …hardware that is adaptable, flexible, and soft. Not burdened by legacy approaches
From the EDGE
A New Video Series on 5G Insights

5G + AI

Collaborative Robotics Automated Guided Vehicle
  • Precise Centimeter Location Positioning
  • Object Detection and Avoidance
  • Remote Control and Command
  • Ultra-Low Power
Industry 4.0

5G + AI

  • 99.9999% Ultra-Reliable Communications
  • Sub-1 Millisecond Command to Actuation
  • Fine-grained Precision
  • Private and Secure Networks

5G + AI

Digital Twin
  • On-device Defect and Anomaly Detection
  • Fast Remote Warning
  • Real-time Insights
  • Immersive Collaborative Experience

5G + AI

Autonomous Driving / Traffic Management
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications
  • Non Line-of-sight Warnings
  • Hazard Alerts
  • Remote Fleet Management
  • High Resolution Maps & Positioning
Smart Transportation

From the EDGE.

A New Video Series on 5G Insights

Thoughts from an Industry Disruptor.

Jerry Yang (guest)
Co-Founder / exCEO of Yahoo!
Founding Partner | AME Cloud Venture

5G. Pioneering New Paths

Vinay Ravuri
CEO / Founder

5G & AI. Different but Same

Adil Kidwai
Products Management

AI Enabled 5G. 5G Enabled AI

Edward Wu

5G Fundamentals in 10 mins and Less

Sriram Rajagopal
Systems Engineering

5G vs. WiFi: Similar Forms, Different Functions

Sriram Rajagopal
Systems Engineering

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